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Hail-Reports.com is the premiere interface for instant hail and storm mapping information. Select data for today, last 3 days, or a specific date range. Our online database software produces an easy to read hail spotter map. You can also access tornado and wind data by selecting the corresponding boxes.
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YOU MUST SELECT BOTH DATES IF YOU USE THE DATE RANGE If you choose to use the date radio buttons no date needs to be selected. Click the orange view data button to view on the map. The data may take up to a minute to load so please be patient. Click the How to use link in the upper right hand cornerfor more info

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How Does The Hail Report Map Work?

All around the United States are trained hail reporters and storm trackers that report severe weather like tornadoes and hail storms to local Weather Service offices. Then our system utilizes the information from the Weather Service to display the most recent storm data to our users. *Disclaimer: Our hail reports are free to the public and are not for resale or not for resale by unauthorized agents.

Who Uses Our Hail Spotter Reports?

Roofers |  Storm Chasers |  Schools |  Insurance Companies |  Businesses |  Sporting Venues |  Outdoor Enthusiasts
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